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We are AUSAVIL 2, SL, and we are dedicated to the manufacture and wholesale of a wide range of machinery and accessories related to the forestry sector, gardening, oenology, oil making, cleaning equipment and pressure washers, car washes, etc.

Our company was established in 2002 dedicating itself to wholesale; our aim throughout all these years has been to satisfy every demand of our customers and this has led us to acquire the experience and product knowledge necessary to carry out the complete manufacturing process.

In our facilities we start with the design of the product, we search and choose the most suitable parts for the manufacture of our designs, we take care of the assembly and testing of the machines and finally the wholesale distribution.

We can divide our group into 5 big brands:

STARK (manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment)

SPORTGARDEN (professional solutions in gardening, forestry and consumables)

ENOIL (professional solutions in oenology, oil making and beekeeping, and we stand out for being manufacturers of custom stainless steel tanks)

STARK VILL (manufacturers of chemical product)

STARK BOX (manufacturers of car washes).

We started by distributing the products throughout Spain and Portugal. During our more than 15 years of work we have built a broad and solid distribution network that is increasing every day and that receives professional attention from each of our 8 sales representatives. This distribution network for our products ranges from retailers to large supermarkets and professional purchasing cooperatives.

Following the demand for our products, we have created a new department that helps us in our goal of maintaining a top position in the market: our export department. Our colleagues have achieved that our products are sold successfully in numerous countries of the EU, Africa and South America and we have strengthened our position in these countries. The objective of this presentation is that you have a global vision of our company, knowing what we do, how we do it and what the results are.

Our manufacturing philosophy allows us to control the entire process, from raw materials to the final product. We use production techniques so that the entire process is efficient and achieve competitiveness in the market. We build long-lasting and quality products combined with good technology that meet the quality standards and the demands of our clients.

You can obtain more information on our website and we remain at your disposal to clarify any type of doubt that may arise.